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Raman Ayurvedic Cancer Sewa Society are being run by President Dr. Ranjit Singh, who is 70 years old & has got 50 Years of Experience in Cancer Treatment. According to Dr. Ranjit Singh, Cancer is 100% Curable as he has already Cured more than 1000 Patients Cencer, Kidney Failer Patients 50 & Infertility (Baolad) 50 Patients, Hepatitis B 40 Hepatitis C 35 Patients with his Ayurvedic Treatment System in Raman Avurvedic Cancer Society.

Cancer can be cured of so many persons by ayurvedic therapy and the person who cured this disease is Vaid Ranjit Singh.

In India so many persons can be died because of this disease. In India there are about 80 lakh people died because of cancer. We can see so many developments in the field of science but no one can find how to cure this disease. Now the main question that arises between us is if scientists found so many things then why so many people died every year. According o Raman Ayurvedic Cancer Society and the head of Mahesh Sunni charitable trust VAID RANJIT SINGH says that our life style gets change. Our dietary habits and our way of living changes time to time. Because of Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and the use of disinfectants at our dietary supplements so many problems occur.