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There are over one hundred different types of cancer. They are all unique with their own symptoms and characteristics. Each cancer affects the body in a different way. Although cancers differ greatly, there are a few cancer symptoms that are commonly experienced by most cancer patients.

Persistent Fatigue
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Unintentional Weight loss
Losing 10 or more pounds without dieting or intending to lose weight can be one of the first symptoms experienced with cancer.

Most cancer patients experience a fever at some point.

Changes to the skin
Skin changes such as jaundice, darkening of the skin, abnormal hair growth, reddening, and skin itchiness can indicate certain types of cancers.

Pain Pain is normally present when the cancer has progressed. However, it can be indicative early on of some cancers, such as bone cancer.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms
Burning in during urination
Inability to urinate
Frequent nocturnal urination
Blood in urine
Back pain
Pain in hips
Weight loss

Reported breast cancer symptoms include:
Discharge from the nipple(clear or bloody)
Persistent tenderness of the breast
Pain in the nipple
Swelling or mass in the armpit (lymph nodes)
Inverted or scaly nipples
A lump that can be felt, no matter how small
Swelling of the breast

Chronic fatigue
Unexplained, rapid weight loss
Leg and ankle swelling
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Presence of blood in urine (seen either by the eye, or microscopically)
Pain in side or lower back
Mass or lump in the abdomen

Onset of wheezing
Rzcurrent pneumonia or bronchitis
Shortness of breath
A persistent cough that does not go away
Coughing up blood
Weight loss or loss of appetite

Weight loss
Glucose intolerance
Abdominal discomfort or pain
Common Endometrial Cancer Symptoms
Abnormal bleeding- heavy bleeding between periods, or heavy bleeding during irregular periods
Pain during sexual intercourse
Pelvic pain or pain in the legs or back
Difficulty urinating or pain during urination
Enlarged uterus found upon medical exam
Vaginal discharge that can be thick or watery; pink or brown; and foul smelling
Unexpected weight loss
Symptoms of cervical cancer
Abnormal Bleeding
Unusual Heavy Discharge
Pelvic pain
Pain during urination
Bleeding between regular menstrual periods or after sexual intercourse, douching or a pelvic exam

Swelling of a lymph node
Unintended weight loss
Night sweats
Feeling itchy without an apparent cause

Changes in bowel habits
A lump located near the anus
Anal or rectal bleeding
Anal discharge, or itching

Blood in the stool
Losing weight without trying
Nausea and Vomiting
Loss of Appetite
Changes in Bowel habits
Abdominal Pains and Discomfort